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Our goal is always to produce products that perform better than our competitors without negatively impacting our environment. With our Australian merino range that is exactly what we have achieved.

Product Performance

At XTM we only use 100% Australian merino because we know that Australia is the world’s best producer of fine merino and has been for some time. The majority of our collection is also Woolmark Certified. Any product bearing the iconic fibre Woolmark logo has been independently tested as a high quality woollen product with guaranteed fibre content.

Australian merino thermals


Australian merino has a large capacity to absorb moisture/sweat next to the skin and release it as vapour, keeping you cool and dry during exertion.



Australian merino wool is an active fabric. It reacts to changes in external and body temperatures. Keeping you warm when it is cold outside but also releasing heat and moisture when it’s hot. This makes it the ultimate 365 day a year product.



Traditional wool was known to be coarse and super itchy next to skin. Merino however is a super fine fibre which makes it non itch and luxuriously soft on skin.



Merino wool removes the odour molecules from your sweat and locks them into the fibres. By not releasing them into the air nobody will know you stink. They are however released during the washing process



Merino wool has a naturally high UV protection of 50+ which is much higher than most synthetics and cotton. Have you ever seen a sun burnt sheep? Us neither.


The natural elasticity and crimp of the merino fibre means it stretches with the wearer, but then returns to its original state. This gives superior freedom of movement without the garment loosing shape.



A fabric made entirely of wool doesn’t readily catch fire. Even if it did, it burns slowly and self extinguishes once the source of the flame is removed



Australian Merino wool is much less likely to cling to the body during exercise. This is because of its superior moisture absorption qualities which prevent the build up of static electricity.



Merino fibres have a natural protective layer which prevents stains from being absorbed, they also collect less dust due to their static resistant properties



Merino wool has wonderful hue, and when dyed a merino wool garment is colourfast, as the dye penetrates through to the core of the fibre and does not fade easily with washing.


Moral Beliefs

At XTM we are fully aware that our existence as a snow and adventure sports brand is entirely reliant on Mother Nature and her incredible features. This is why we choose to do something about it. By using natural materials such as merino throughout our range we are ensuring that everybody can enjoy her glory for generations to come, and our customers appreciate that.


Australian merino underwear


Australian merino is a natural fibre. The merino fleece has evolved to produce a fibre that has become one of the most effective natural forms of all weather protection known to man.



Every year Australian merino sheep produce a new fleece, making merino wool a renewable fibre source. Australian woolgrowers actively work to improve efficiency and care for natural resources, endeavouring to make the Australian wool industry sustainable for future generations.



When a natural merino fibre is disposed of it takes only a few years to decompose. Compare this to most synthetics that can take decades to degrade.



The merino fibre grows naturally on the sheep. In summer the sheep actually enjoy being shorn as it helps them to cool down in the warmer climate. All XTM merino is certified non mulesed. So every time you purchase a new XTM Merino garment feel proud of the fact that you just stopped another sheep from overheating! 


So why wear XTM Merino?

It’s simple: You feel much better in body and mind...... Naturally!!!