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What is Merino Wool?

The Merino is a breed of sheep renowned for producing the finest, softest wool out of all the 205 or so varieties around the world. At XTM we only use 100% Australian Merino wool.
Merino wool thermals


The Australian merino is regarded globally as having the finest, whitest fleece, which helps make XTM’s active merino range one of the softest and best performing labels on the market. After all, us Aussies have been breeding sheep since 1788.

Merino wool base layer

 “Australia is the world’s leading producer of fine apparel wool, producing about 90 per cent of the world’s supply of wool less than 19.5 microns” with Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand making up the majority of the rest. To give you a better understanding of how superior Australia is as a merino wool producer check out the Woolmark website



A Quick History Lesson

1788: The first regular sheep stepped upon Australian shores, however the majority of which didn’t survive in the harsh Australian conditions.

1796: The first merino stepped off the boat in Australia and this time they thrived. The differences in climate and conditions forced the Merino to change and adapt. Soon after the Australian sheep were noted for their magnificent fleece, being extremely fine and white in appearance. Over 220 years on and Australia is still proven to be the world’s finest wool producers.

1802: The national stock was strengthened by the purchase of 7 rams and 1 ewe from the King George 111’s stud in Spain, by John Macarthur.

1807: The first wool export from Australia was shipped in Barrels by Mr John Macarthur. It was sold in Garraways Coffee House just off Cornhill in London and is said to have fetched 124 pence per pound. 

1830: The Australian sheep population had grown to two million.

1988: The Australian sheep flock numbered 172 million head.