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Scotty Kneller

Ski Cross

It has been said that Kneller was born to ski and from his very first time on snow at the tender age of three he showed an obsession for it. He dominated as a kid and was U14 National Alpine Champion in both slalom and giant slalom for two consecutive years, representing Australia at Topolino, Italy for the World Children’s Championships. Training with the Thredbo Ski Race Club provided invaluable support to his progress on the FIS alpine circuit in Australia, and he later qualified for the Junior World Championships.

Scott pursued his Alpine career for nine years, and upon his move to Ski Cross he was the National Junior Alpine Champion in both Slalom and Giant Slalom. Kneller found no real difficulty in the transition between disciplines.

The words “Scott Kneller” and “Olympic preparations” do not go well together, at all. In 2010, during the lead-up to the Vancouver Olympic Games, Scott had a big crash, breaking his collarbone and suffering a brain contusion only six weeks out from the Olympics. He made a full recovery and with only 5 days of being back on snow finished 7th in his début at the Winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately for Kneller his preparations for Sochi were pretty much the same. On December 22nd he had a massive stack whilst training for the qualifications in San Candido, Italy. He broke the transverse processes on his left side in his L1, L2, L3 and L4. He also suffered a haematoma and a pneumothorax on his left lung and a nasty concussion. He was released from hospital late on Christmas day 2013.

In Kneller's own words “ I have found myself up s**t creek without a paddle, and all I know is that I’m desperate to compete at the Olympics and I’m not going to give up without a fight."

Scotty did it and competed at Sochi. This man is a machine. It is so good to have a warrior like this represent our brand.

You can see more of Scott on scottkneller.com



Career Highlights


U14 National Alpine Champion in both slalom and giant slalom for two consecutive years

2010 Olympic Games, Vancouver, Canada – 7th

Getting back on the slopes after breaking his back