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Olympic Alliance

Olympic Alliance


XTM’s long association with the Olympics goes a lot further than simply supplying quality products. It began as far back as 1964 when XTM Performance owner Peter Forras’s Auntie “Judy Forras” competed at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria. Strangely enough this was the same year Pete was born. It wasn’t until 1978 at age 14 that Pete realised skiing was where he wanted to make his living. He dedicated the next 10 years of his life to realising his dream of representing his country. It finally all paid off when he competed in the downhill and downhill combined in Calgary 1988. Best of all, he got to do it alongside good friend and lifetime XTM Performance ambassador Steve Lee.


As soon as XTM acquired our Gore-Tex licence back in 2004 Pete took the opportunity to give back to the organisation who he felt had given so much to him. At that time the Australian team were purchasing their competition gloves from overseas. After discussions with the OWI (Olympic Winter Institute) we realised that we both had the similar goals, the OWI to take Australian winter sports to the next level, and ours to produce world class product. From the beginning it was a hugely successful partnership. XTM alongside the Australian Olympic team boasts 10 Olympic medals and 9 world champions. Our support lasts more than just one month every four years; we also sponsor the majority of these athletes between Olympic competitions also. We even have a special room at our HQ where we keep our specific athlete gloves. We have a Kevlar pipe glove developed for Chumpy, a custom insulated jump glove for Lydia, Dale Begg Smith’s no fuss Mogul glove not to mention Anton Grimus’s XXL Fables to fit his not so small hands.


For more than 10 years we have been a major supplier and supporter to all of Australia’s top winter athletes and to date we have supplied over 3000 pairs of gloves, 5000 pairs of socks, 500 Bags, 1000 Base Layers and 500 pairs of après boots to our top Aussie athletes. We are also developing a junior program which will help grow our future Olympians all in the aim to make Australia’s winter team a force to be reckoned with. The New Zealand and Danish Olympic teams have also worn XTM gloves at the Olympic Games. We have found that our relationship with these top athletes has really fast tracked our product development and innovation which transfers into our whole product line that we release to the market.

It’s hard to put in words how proud we are to see XTM Performance so well represented by these elite athletes around the world. Be prepared to see a lot more Gold medals being lifted high in the air by XTM gloves; this is just the beginning for us.