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From the Beginning

From the Beginning

From the beginning these three lived and breathed the Australian ski scene.

The result of a brainstorming session between three hugely influential figures within the Australian snow scene, life time owner Pete “Fozza” Forras, NSW’s snowy cowboy Gary “X” Rae and the salmon of knowledge Bill “the Uncle” Dalton. The three decided that they wanted to create a brand that would change the face of Australia’s snow sports industry and show the world Australia is a country to be taken seriously in winter sports. From that small cafe in Sydney XTM was born. The name XTM is an abbreviation for the term “cross the mountain” or “X-The Mountain”. 

The goal was then as it still is now “to create world class snow and outdoor gear at competitive prices, backed with passionate customer service and available worldwide”.  It didn’t take long for XTM to be a massive hit. By 2002 we  had already established ourselves as one of the leading brands in the Australian market. The three ambitious entrepreneurs were never going to rest at that.

They acquired a licence to use Gore-tex in their top level ski gloves, to this day are still the only licensed Gore-tex glove manufacturer in Australia.

With this massive development XTM became the official supplier for the Australian Winter Olympic team. With this the XTM brand was launched onto the global arena. In Pete’s words “It was almost like I felt I owed something to this wonderful organisation who helped me realise my dream”. For the past three Olympics XTM have been the Official Supplier of Gloves, Socks, Bags, Base Layers and Apres Boots for the Aussie team. The New Zealand and Danish Olympic teams have also chosen to wear XTM in Olympic competition. This close relationship with some of the world’s best athletes has been instrumental to the development of our brand.Pete competed for Australia at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic games in the downhill and downhill combined.

We are a company who caters for all types of adventurers, what we learn from working with the most talented athletes on the planet can be seen throughout our entire range. We will forever endeavour to work with the most advanced materials and technologies in the world to continually bring you products of gold medal quality.