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Temperature Control

XTM merino thermals

Keeping Cool: In Hot Climate

Many people think that merino wool is only a winter product and that it will cause them to over heat in summer. This is completely untrue. Merino wool actually works better than most as a performance garment in hot climates. The reason for this? It acts as a body temperature regulator.

When exercising in hot climates the body produces a huge amount of heat molecules. With normal synthetics, these molecules build up in the layer between the skin and garment causing you to overheat. With merino however the super fine fibres of the wool trap the heat molecules and allow them to build up within the garment itself. Once the garment reaches its maximum capacity of heat molecules it starts to release them into the atmosphere, thus cooling the body to a comfortable temperature.


Staying Warm: In Cold Climate

As most people know, when it comes to cold weather clothing merino wool is the ultimate performance fabric. Have you ever wondered why? Again it’s the same as before, it acts as a body temperature regulator.

When you are exposed to cold climates your body doesn’t produce as much heat as normal. With synthetic fabrics the warm interior is often overcome by the excessive cold exterior. This is because they are poor insulators. Merino wool however is recognised to be one of the world’s greatest insulating fabrics. The layers of super fine strands trap the expelled body warmth within the garment and block the cold air from penetrating. This keeps the heat molecules secure thus warming the body to a comfortable temperature.

Moisture control

XTM merino underwear


XTM Merino has amazing breathable/moisture control properties. The sweat produced during exercise is quickly absorbed into the merino fabric. From there it is broken down and transferred to the outer layer of the garment where it is released into the atmosphere as vapour. There are a number of benefits to this rapid removal of moisture.

In cold climates, being wet dramatically speeds up the bodies cooling process which can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. Merino moves the moisture away from the body better than most other fabrics and does it while still maintaining its heat. Keeping you dry, warm and comfortable on the inside.

In warm climates, the moisture against your body can create a very humid atmosphere causing you to overheat, by taking the moisture away from your body quickly it keeps you cool and dry. Being dry also helps to eliminate the build up of bacteria and odour molecules keeping you fresher for longer. This process has also been known to help reduce your heart rate during exercise.

To test XTM merino’s superior moisture wicking properties simply feel your garment after a high intensity training session. The exterior of the fabric will be wet to the touch yet inside you will remain dry.


Anti Bacterial and Odour Resistance


XTM merino base layer


During exercise the body heats up and emits sweat which is a mixture of water, fats and salts. The moisture from your sweat increases the humidity between your body and your clothes creating the perfect atmosphere for Bacteria and Odour molecules to thrive. These bacteria cling onto the smooth, non coated surfaces of the synthetic fabrics and begin to grow causing your clothes to stink. So bad in some cases that even washing can do little to remove the odour.



XTM merino is made up of many interlocking fibres. Each fibre has a natural anti bacterial coating which attracts these bad bacteria and odour molecules and locks them deep down into the garment. Once trapped the merino naturally begins to break them down and eliminate them. The result is a fresh smelling garment that can be worn for a number of days. Unlike most synthetics any odour molecules that remain in the garment are released during the washing process.