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We are all dependent upon Mother Nature. We recognise the growing impact of climate change on our environment and the threat it poses, not just to our industry, but to the planet as whole.

We actively encourage all our business partners to join us in making our planet a cleaner, healthier place to live. We do this on behalf of our children and our children’s children.


We believe that our dependence on carbon emitting fossil fuels is not a good thing for our planet in the long term - and that we need a risk management strategy to address this problem. With this in mind we have decided to measure and take responsibility for the impact that our business has on the earth’s long term livability.

Voluntary offsetting is used by businesses to negate their carbon footprint through the direct and measurable investment in renewable carbon offset projects, and is therefore a more personally responsible contribution to environmental action.

Our offset investments are helping to fast-track the development of clean energy technologies that replace the burning of fossil fuels. If every business were to take this action - the path to a clean and positive future would become more than just a dream.


Since April 2010 we have had our business independently audited by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia to ascertain our carbon footprint. These figures have revealed an average carbon output across the business of approximately 1300 tonnes per year - so far we have offset 8000 tonnes - accounting for 100% of our carbon footprint since 2010, and some of our projected 2016 emissions. The following are two of the latest projects that we support. After initial costs this energy becomes far cheaper and cleaner.

We are purposefully investing in the places where most of the emissions from our production are made. Call us if you would like to know more and out how you can make your business carbon neutral too.


  • Technology: run off river type, no reservoir
  • Location: Hejing County, Bayinguoleng Autonomous Pre, China
  • Installed Capacity: 15MW, small scale project
  • Estimated electricity generation: 78,600 MWh/yr
  • Estimated emission reductions: 66,794 tCO2e/yr
  • 70 short term jobs created during the construction
  • 22 long term positions were created


  • Technology: Solar Power Generation
  • Location: Baitugang County, Lingwu City, Ningxia Hui
  • Autonomous Region, China
  • Installed Capacity: 39MVp
  • Estimated emission reductions: 48,402 tCO2e/yr
  • 300 short term jobs created during the construction.
  • 8 long term positions were created