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When it comes to gloves XTM are rated among the world’s elite brands. We have been the product of choice for the Australian, New Zealand and Danish Winter Olympic Teams and have the largest range of winter gloves and mitts in the Southern Hemisphere. Being such a technical product it is very important that you understand all the features and benefits of a glove before you invest in a specific pair.  There is no such thing as the best glove in our range, as it really depends on what exactly you will be using it for. For instance 2 x Boarder Cross World Champion Alex Chumpy Pullin will need a completely different style glove to Big Mountain Specialist Mitch Reeves.  This section of our website is designed to help you select what glove will fit your needs best and help maximise your performance and comfort in extreme conditions.



The skill and ease at which one can use their hands. This is probably the hardest feature to explain but the easiest to feel when you try on a glove for the first time. The level of dexterity you need in a glove is determined by what acts you wish to perform. Freestyle skiing/boarding, climbing, hiking, rescues are all activities that require a lot of detailed hand movement. These types of activities require a glove with great dexterity. It must be light, thin, agile and be responsive to every movement of your hand. Dexterity is really the result of how well you can integrate the two previous sections, comfort and moisture control, into one cohesive glove. The level of Dexterity is usually the difference between a good snow glove and a great snow glove. For many of our ambassadors, particularly our freestyle athletes, it is very important that they can move their fingers easily and with great precision when performing tricks and high difficulty manoeuvres.


What To Look For: Generally once you get over the $100 mark the more expensive the glove the more thought, design and technology has gone into improving its dexterity without compromising its insulating and moisture controlling properties.

You will usually find that leather is used as an outer more so than synthetic fabrics. This is because it moves and breathes better. At XTM we use goat skin leather in our top end gloves. It moves freely while also being very hard wearing.

Insulating materials become far more technical and have improved heat to weight ratios. The insulating wadding within the gloves get thinner, warmer and more breathable which means they are much more responsive to hand movements

Waterproof breathable membranes become lighter and more fitted. Rather than being shapeless bags within the glove they become articulated to match the shape of your hand.  


Mitts Vs Gloves: This is a debate that has been raging for years. Are you a mitt person or are you a glove person? For many it is a fashion choice but technically speaking there is an advantage to both. If you are a serious skier, snowboarder or adventurer you should always have at least one of each in your collection. It really depends on where you are, what you are doing and what conditions you find yourself in. Mitts by their definition have very low dexterity but exceptional insulating properties so are perfect for instances where warmth is the main priority. Extremely cold climates, instances where you may be still for some time, prolonged periods exposed to wind or snow etc. In our experience mittens are often more popular with females as their hands tend to get colder than men’s when exposed to extreme cold. Gloves on the other hand are far more dexterous and allow a lot more movement but they lose heat quicker. If you are planning a high intensity snow session this lack of heat retention can actually be a good thing. It means you can work hard without overheating. Also if you want more control when working your poles or grabs gloves are the obvious choice. For those people who choose to take the road less travelled, and go hiking for the best conditions we usually recommend carrying both. Conditions can change quickly and you need to be prepared for everything.  If you get into trouble it is always good to have a pair of gloves you can use to get out of sticky situations and mitts to keep warm if you get stuck.


How do I know my Size: There are three different types of fit within the XTM glove range: Mens fit, Ladies fit, and Unisex fit. Check it out to make sure you make the correct choice for your hands.