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What is the breathability rating?
When you see a rating on a garment i.e. 20,000mm/15,000g/m² the breathability rating is always the second figure, in this case 15,000g/m². This rating tells you how good the garment is at transferring moisture from the body back into the atmosphere. Breathability ratings are measured in grams per meter squared. Like waterproofing, the larger the figure the more breathable the garment is

How is the material rated?
The breathability test is done by measuring how many grams of water vapour are transferred through one square meter of fabric within 24 hours. The vapour must be taken from inside the garment and released into the external environment. For instance a 10k rating means that 10,000 grams of vapour were successfully passed through 1m² over the duration of 24hrs.

XTM breathability