Our top five tips for snowboard race day success 

Race day is always exciting, but it’s also easy to be filled with a few nerves as you take to the snow. But one of the reasons we look so forward to it is the elation it can fill us with. To make sure that everything goes your way and improve your chances of winning, let’s take a look at 5 top tips for snowboard race day success.


Tips for snowboard race day success

Expect The Unexpected

In his book 'The Art of Learning', chess champion and tai-chi expert Josh Waitzkin explained that every winner has to expect the unexpected on the day of a major tournament.

When you arrive on race day, you need to mentally prepare yourself for any unexpected setbacks. For example, being asked to wait longer than you expected for your race to start is certainly a setback, and if this takes you by surprise you might find yourself kicking your heels and growing frustrated. Instead, use this time to picture yourself riding the course - manoeuvring every turn, mastering every jump, and coming out on top.

To make sure that you always remain focused and in the zone, prepare yourself to accept the unexpected things, especially those that are out of your control.


Make Sure You Have The Right Gear

Thanks to the advances in snowboarding over the years, there is now a whole lot of exciting race gear to choose from. Deciding which boards, boots, bindings and apparel is just right for you takes time and plenty of thought.

Getting these decisions regarding your gear right is fundamental to your success. For this reason, we advise doing as much research as you can to make sure that the gear you buy suits your abilities.

Give yourself plenty of time to get used to the gear you plan on racing with. Going into the race on a familiar board, with your favourite outfit and lucky gloves, can help give you that added bit of confidence to get to the podium.


Head Into Race Day Fit And Strong

The fitter and stronger you are on race day, the better your chances for race day success.

Professional athletes spend hours in the gym throughout the year, and this is because it improves their performance tenfold. They are sharper, stronger, and they can last the distance.

If you aren’t able to ride your snowboard each day throughout the winter, we suggest that you hit the gym instead. The fitter you are, the less likely it is you will get injured.

Increase your core and leg strength, and make sure you include some stretching and flexibility training. This will help your race day flow and also minimise the risk of injury.


Watch The Pros

When we were kids, we watched videos of our heroes before hitting the snow to copy what they did.

Why should things be any different now that we’re older and hoping for our own race day success? They shouldn’t be!

Before race day, we advise that you check out some hot videos of the professionals. This will get you into the right mindset, and it could give you an invaluable insight into some neat tips and tricks that you had either forgotten about or not been aware of yet.

Watching videos helps you to visualise success, and visualising success is often one of the biggest positive things you can do. See yourself riding that board and winning!


Push Yourself

A key to race day success is the desire to push ourselves. Snowboarders who remain in their comfort zones will never progress, and they certainly won’t experience success.

Race day is your chance to take the leap and do something different. It’s the chance to cover yourself in glory and take the rewards. Fortune favours the brave, and this is never truer than on race day. Daring to do will get your adrenaline pumping, which in turn will send you surging to success.

More than anything, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting out there and enjoying yourself. This is race day; enjoy it! Sure, there is pressure but it’s worth remembering that the pros thrive on pressure. You've worked long and hard, now it's time to be in the moment.


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