The ultimate European skiing road trip

Are you searching for the ultimate European skiing road trip? Then you're in the right place. This is a sample of the best slopes in Europe, so you can plan the ultimate European skiing road trip you won’t ever forget. Let us lead you on a trip of a lifetime!

KitzbuehelThe ultimate European skiing road trip

Planning a road trip to hit the slopes can be fun. We are going to start with the best because let’s face it, if you run out of steam, you don’t want to save the best for last. So, let’s start with Kitzbuehel in The Netherlands.

Considered the best ski slopes in the world, Kitzbuehel located in the Netherlands, sits at the base of Hahnenkamm and has been the place to ski since 1893.

Kitzbuehel is home to the world famous Streif ski run, which is the downhill that any skier would want to try out. With over 170kms of slopes, 155 days of snow every year, the top ski school in the world, and of course, the famous Streif down-hill, you can’t go wrong starting your road trip with Kitzbuehel.

St Anton

Next, let’s head to Austria and the Alps for some amazing slopes at St Anton am Arlberg. Known as a mecca for ski aficionados, St Anton am Arlberg Resort has unmatched snow accumulation on the snowiest part of the Alps and a steep terrain at St Anton to challenge any skier.

With skiing on both sides of the resort, skiers from all over the world come to this 5-star elite resort. With 122kms total slope length and over 300kms of slopes, there is something for every skier at St Anton.

St Moritz

A jaunt up to Switzerland takes us to St Moritz, one of the most beautiful and prestigious ski resort in Europe. Located between Zurich, Milan and Munich, this tucked away treasure is on the south side of the Alps and is the region’s largest skiing area.

With 350kms of ski runs, St Moritz will not leave you wanting more in your skiing adventure. Whether you are a beginner working on their wide pistes, going through their variety of obstacles, jumps and World Cup-quality downhill  runs, or trying out the world’s first yoga piste, St Moritz does skiing with style.

Les 3 Vallées

After your time in the snow covered Alps, it’s time to head over to France for Les 3 Vallées, the most famous and largest ski resort in France. Offering skiing 9 months out of the year, Les 3 Vallées is located in 3 valleys - Courchevel, Méribel and La Vallée des Belleville, just as the name suggests.

Les 3 Vallées boasts 8 ski resorts linked together by ski lifts and runs. With over 600kms of pistes and an elevation of 2130mtrs, the large amounts of ferried terrain and something for every skier is at Les 3 Vallées.

Waidring/Steinplatte-Reit im Winkl

Lastly, we will head back North to Germany to Waidring/Steinplatte-Reit im Winkl. This cross-border ski resort stretches from Bavaria to Tyrol. Its peak of the Steinplatte belongs to the province of Salzburg and it is the best Germany has to offer to the skiing world.

Though it offers shorts runs with its longest at 42kms in length, the 1120mtr elevation provides good snow cover and has a wide variety of snow runs. The resort is known for its pristine slope preparation and if cross-country skiing is your thing, Waidring/Steinplatte-Reit might be just your style.

There are many more ski resorts to choose from in Europe; however, this road trip would give you an excellent tour of Europe, as well as the opportunity to ski at some of the best slopes. If you are hoping for the ultimate European Skiing road trip, you will find that these resorts will give you a great taste of all Europe has to offer on the powder.

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