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#BlizzardofOzReturns... again?!

5 September 2017 12:45:54 pm AEST

XTM braves the Blizzard of Oz#blizzardofoz #snowymcsnowface #snowmageddon

Hashtags. Yep, we’ve seen just about every one of the above this winter, along with what are being billed as the biggest dumps of the last decade. But at what point do 'freak' weather conditions that turn the Aussie alps into every amateur photographers’ white-capped wonderland, and have visitors digging their cars out of metres of snow lose their mantel of being 'freaky' and become just plain 'normal'.

As we head into yet another #blizzardofoz event this week, XTM Environment and Weather writer and Snowriders Australia co-founder, Glenn Shiell explains what this means for the future of Australian snow seasons.


Go Behind The Scenes With Gore-Tex Lab Testing

16 August 2017 1:00:31 pm AEST


Ever wanted to go behind the scenes with Gore-Tex to find out where the magic happens?

Join us as we take a wander through the company’s new world-class fabrics testing facility.  

Gore-Tex, who have been innovating for forty years, are known for their awesome fabrics that are both highly waterproof and highly breathable at the same time. Fabrics that help men, women and kids brave the outdoors with greater confidence. But what is the key to their success, innovation and unique fabric products that keep us warm and protect us from the elements?


The Amazing Comeback of Lydia Lassila

31 July 2017 11:29:08 am AEST

Lydia Lassila wins gold

Lydia Lassila, an Australian Olympic aerial ski champion, began believing when she was a child: that one day, she would win an Olympic gold medal. This, and so much more she has achieved during her 19 year sporting career. After first winning gold  at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, she has overcome horrific knee injuries, and took some time out to have a family. Only to make more than one spectacular comeback. Now at 35 years old, she aspires to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea...




PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

29 June 2017 2:25:36 pm AEST

Pyeong Change 2018 Winter Olympics

What you need to know about the upcoming PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics In South Korea are now less than ten months away. To get you in the mood, we cover everything you need to know about the world’s biggest winter sports event, from key dates and details, to Olympians you need to watch out for.

When Are The Games?

The Winter Olympic Games kick off on February 8 2018, and end on February 25.  However, in an unusual move, the opening ceremony...


Travelling To Whistler

4 March 2015 1:47:47 pm AEDT

Situated in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the world’s most famous ski resorts, Whistler. Located just two hours north of Vancouver in the amazing Coast Mountains, Whistler is a magnet for Aussie skiers and boarders escaping the summer heat of home and searching for a snow filled adventure. But of all the ski resorts in the world, why is Whistler the resort of choice for so many Australians?


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