How to save money on a snow holiday

Going on a skiing holiday has always been thought as something you only do if you’re either rich, or lucky enough to be able to save up a considerable amount of money, and able to take the time off work. This is all changing thankfully, and nowadays it’s quite possible to save money on a snow holiday, making it likely for more of us to enjoy a different kind of break and experience the beauty and wonders of a skiing holiday.

If you’re keen to head off to the snow, check out these handy hints on how to save money on a snow holiday.

Shop around

If you find a deal that you’re liking the look of, shop around a little first. Don’t jump at the first option, and instead head online and use price comparison sites to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere first. 

Package holiday vs DIYSave money on a snow holiday

Sometimes it works out much cheaper to arrange your holiday in a DIY fashion, rather than booking a traditional package holiday. As long as you make sure you book everything you need within your own tailored package, then DIY booking is an easy procedure. Starting with making use of low cost airlines and booking that late night flight can end up saving you big bucks.

Travel out of season

Different resorts have different traditional seasons, and obviously travelling in the middle of one of these seasons means higher prices. Instead, travel at the beginning or end of the season to save money and grab those bargain deals.

Keep luggage to a minimum

Travelling with your own ski equipment can be an expensive business, and in order to save money on a snow holiday you may have to forgo your own equipment, and instead hire it at your destination. This means you don’t have to pay expensive luggage and equipment fees on flights, and if you can keep your suitcase weight to a minimum then that’s more money saved again.

Be clever with your lift passes

Look at getting bundle deals on your lift passes rather than buying them each day. For example, if you’re planning on staying for five days, then consider a four day lift pass bundle instead of paying four day’s worth of daily admittance fees. Also, discounts can often be found if you book ahead of time online.

If you take these tips onboard and end up saving money on a snow holiday, then you’re certainly going to be laughing all the way to the mountains!

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