Our Top 4 Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

Niseko is home to some of the world’s most popular and spectacular ski resorts. Here you’ll find the very best powder, friendly locals, and amazing instructors, as well as a tonne of cool stuff to do along the way!

If you’re planning a trip to Niseko but aren’t too sure what to expect, here are the top 4 must do’s in Niseko, Japan. Now, let’s get you schooled!


Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

Treat Your Taste Buds

Everyone knows how amazing Japanese cuisine is, so make sure you spoil yourself a little on your visit to Niseko and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Lupicia Restaurant Niseko is undoubtedly the most sophisticated looking restaurant in town. Finished with wood interiors inside an awe-inspiring glass building, eating here will certainly add a touch of class to your stay.

This restaurant certainly knows how to keep things interesting as they change their menu daily but always include, meat, fish, vegetable, pasta and dessert. All of the meals begin with some hearty oven-baked breads, along with an assorted plate of appetisers, highlighting Lupicia Restaurant specialties.

This amazing restaurant has a special way of tying together the French, Italian, Indian and Japanese influences. It does not disappoint!

Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

Go To An Onsen (Japanese Hot Bath)

You wouldn’t be a proper tourist is you didn’t indulge in an onsen at least once while in Japan.

Relaxing in an onsen is most definitely one of the top must do’s in Niseko. Ki Niseko Onsen is where it’s at!

Being the newest hotel in town, Ki Niseko offers two public onsens for both males and females – both with indoor and outdoor stone baths, as well as sauna and plunge pool facilities. Being a guest of this hotel, you will also get access to two exclusive private family onsens after check-in. This water is full of natural minerals which comes from a source right next to the hotel deep within the Mount Yotei interior.

Make sure you clean yourself thoroughly before getting in, and always keep your voice down. After all, this is a place for tranquillity and peace.

Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

Hanazono Snowmobile Tours

Want to go on an adventure? Then snowmobiling is for you!

Explore Niseko on your very own high-performance snowmobile. Hanazono’s experienced guides will take you through the plush forests trails of the Niseko Tokyu Golf Course, to some of the most amazing views of the Niseko range and beyond.

Dates of Operation - December 3, 2016 – April 2, 2017

Hours of Operation - 10:00am - 2:00pm

Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

Horseback Riding

How would you like to go horse trekking in the sugar-frosted fields of Niseko’s powder wonderland?

This is where you and your new fury friend become one for the day. Enjoying all the fresh powder falling around you, and if you’re lucky, you may just see some foxes and rabbits.

This trek is suitable for all levels, including small children and first time riders. Annupuri Village offer all guidance and safety equipment before setting off for the ride of your life.

Not only do you get to ride these beautiful animals, you also get to feed them carrots along the way, as well as a photoshoot at the end of the day to remember it by. This really is the perfect activity for everyone!

Before you get to enjoy any of this though, first thing’s first. Packing - Make sure you pack accordingly so that you’re ready for whatever the weather heaves your way. In Niseko, being out and about walking the streets, the pathways can feel like you’re on an ice-skating rink sometimes, so be sure to pack top-quality boots from XTM. You can see our range of men’s boots, women’s boots, and kid’s boots here!

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