With an estimated 16,000 people across Australia classified as homeless, our Heat the Homeless appeal aims to give community members an opportunity to donate quality, pre-loved snow jackets to warm those in need on top of keeping old jackets out of land-fill.

We first began the appeal in 2016. For us, the fact that so many people are updating their jackets each year meant that we had a great opportunity to re-home, re-use and recycle those unwanted winter jackets.

Heat the Homeless

In our first year, we were inundated with support, collecting over 2,500 jackets. That meant that we could help warm over 2,500 people living on the streets.

Since then, the number of pre-loved snow jackets donated has now risen to 14,000 and this year we aim is to reach 20,000, an achievable target thanks to the considerable donations that have already been made to date.

“It just made sense to us - we thought, there are so many high-quality jackets now, some only getting a few weeks of wear before being replaced. It would be great to get more life out of these products we are making and get thousands of those out to people who could use a warm jacket this winter” - Pete Forras (XTM Performance founder)

Heat the Homeless

To donate to our Heat the Homeless appeal, please visit your closest participating retailer. Find yours here.

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