Ever wanted to go behind the scenes with Gore-Tex to find out where the magic happens?

Join us as we take a wander through the company’s new world-class fabrics testing facility.

Gore-Tex, who have been innovating for forty years, are known for their awesome fabrics that are both highly waterproof and highly breathable at the same time. Fabrics that help men, women and kids brave the outdoors with greater confidence. But what is the key to their success, innovation and unique fabric products that keep us warm and protect us from the elements?

World Class Facilities

One answer lies in their state of the art facilities! These facilities enhance the company’s ability to continue making even more innovative products that are proven to work in real-world conditions. 

Gore-Tex are pretty proud of their new facilities and laboratory. According to their technical leader, Paul Canatella, their new lab makes it possible for them to test their products in extreme conditions right here in the building before they’ve even been outdoors.

“Gore’s new world-class facilities can simulate from the most common to the most extreme environmental conditions, from a cold, damp drizzle in Scotland, to the scorching heat of a California wildfire."

“By creating real-world conditions in a lab environment, we can scientifically measure and analyse the impact of a product on human perception and performance in a controlled environment, and then quickly apply that data to our product research and development efforts.”


Gore-Tex is the leading innovator when it comes to performance apparel, and they have used their expertise and experience to be the first in a number of innovations, such as:

*Seam Sealing with their own Gore-Seam Tape
*Waterproof Breathable Footwear, which was released under the name Gore-Tex Bootie

They also solved a major problem in the firefighting industry when they addressed the problem of heat stress with their patented Moisture Barriers.

The company has also brought relief to soldiers, with their combat gear providing flame resistant protection for our armed forces.

And now they’re only going to get better at what they do, solving more problems in more industries with their brand new, world class Biophysics Lab.

State of the Art Labs

This lab will be able to predict how the environment, human activity and the apparel itself will affect the human body. Going behind the scenes with Gore-Tex, it’s easy to see how the impressive facility is able to measure the users’:


The facility is also able to wildly adjust the temperature to see how the apparel responds in minus 50 degrees celsius and + 50 degrees celsius, as well as how it can cope with torrential rain, fierce winds, and dramatic drops or climbs in temperature.

Data And Analytics

Data and analytics are a crucial part of the testing process, and Gore-Tex use it to understand better how the apparel will benefit the user in a number of environmental conditions. They check the data and analytics to understand even how the apparel reacts to solar radiation. They measure the effects of extreme weather conditions on the user wearing the appeal via sensored mannequins, bench top testing, as well as human testing. All this is done in Gore-Tex’s environmental chamber.

One of the most impressive features in the lab is the gigantic rain tower, which simulates real-world rainfall that varies from a brief shower to a torrential, long-lasting downpour - the likes of which you might see in Scotland!

The tower is able to produce three inches of rain an hour, and can also mimic wind speed that goes up to an incredible five miles a second.

Heat and Flame Protection Lab

Besides the Biophysics Lab, Gore-Tex’s new facilities are also home to a Heat and Flame Protection Lab that features a Cone Calorimeter and a Stored Thermal Energy Tester. The former is used by engineers to measure more accurately the heat release qualities of the fabrics they want to use in their products, while the latter analyses how long it would take for a fire-fighter to be overcome by sweat burns when battling a fire in the company’s apparel. 

All of this gives Gore-Tex the edge when it comes to producing performance apparel that is able to protect its users in harsh, unpredictable (such as fire) and super extreme conditions (such as minus temperatures).

Their products are tested in an accurate, real world situation in their labs before they leave the warehouse, and are able to provide comfort, water protection, breathability, heat protection, flame protection, as well as that all-important protection from the elements.

Gore-Tex gloves are put through rigorous testing to be able to bare the official Gore-Tex label. Breathability tests, water proofing, liner retention, the works! With this you can be sure that you're getting a top-of-the-range product! 

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If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness or breathability of your GORE-TEX® product then we will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price.

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