Which foods will fuel your snow trip best?

If you’re a skier or simply love hiking in the snow, you may be considering an upcoming snow trip. If so, you could be contemplating which foods will fuel your snow trip best. If this is you, you will find you have some great choices when determining meals and snacks for your trip.

Nourishing your body with all the good stuff before you head out for the day is vital. When you’re out in the elements, your body will crave some good food for energy. Let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial foods to fuel your mind and body for a successful snow trip.

No matter what you choose to eat, it is extremely important that you fuel your body with top quality nourishments. Eating a carb dinner the night before will get your body prepared in the best possible way. Then, waking up and ingesting a protein packed meal, before you head out is key to having the energy you need to make it through your day with ease. Then be sure to
 pack some healthy snacks to pick at throughout your day till the next big meal.

The next time you are getting ready to plan a snow trip, be sure to think ahead of some nutritious and delicious snacks and meals. If selected right, these foods will fuel your snow trip best and prepare you successfully for a great day on the hills. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate, so lots of water!


Dinner the night before

* Tuna and vegetable pasta bake
* Vegetable pasta
* Chicken and vegetable stir fry
* Tofu and vegetable noodle stir fry
* Steak with potatoes and greens

Foods will fuel your snow trip best - Vegetable pasta

1st meal the day of

* Boiled eggs on toast
* Tofu scrambled eggs
* Avocado and feta on toast
* Oatmeal with dried fruits & Greek yogurt
* Porridge with bran

(All with a banana / mixed berry smoothie)

Foods will fuel your snow trip best - Tofu scrambled eggs

Snacks to take

* Dried fruit and nut trail mix
* Granola muesli bars
* Bananas
* Hard boiled eggs

Foods will fuel your snow trip best - Dried fruit & nuts


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