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While Europe, Japan and parts of North America continue to receive massive, and let’s face it, near-dangerous snow falls, our friends in Colorado, Western USA, are experiencing one of the leanest winters on record!  

So, what in Ullr’s name is going on?

XTM Environment and Weather writer and Snowriders Australia co-founder, Glenn Shiell explains.


#BlizzardofOzReturns... again?!

5 September 2017 12:45:54 pm AEST

XTM braves the Blizzard of Oz#blizzardofoz #snowymcsnowface #snowmageddon

Hashtags. Yep, we’ve seen just about every one of the above this winter, along with what are being billed as the biggest dumps of the last decade. But at what point do 'freak' weather conditions that turn the Aussie alps into every amateur photographers’ white-capped wonderland, and have visitors digging their cars out of metres of snow lose their mantel of being 'freaky' and become just plain 'normal'.

As we head into yet another #blizzardofoz event this week, XTM Environment and Weather writer and Snowriders Australia co-founder, Glenn Shiell explains what this means for the future of Australian snow seasons.


US President Donald Trump passionately promoted the launch of his daughter Ivanka Trump’s new American skiwear collection TRUMPSki, and claims that it will be the peak of her success. 


Is Climate Change Affecting The Winter Olympics?

13 July 2016 10:28:58 am AEST

Is the world actually warming up? Will climate change affect the Winter Olympics? Find out...


The snow season is nearly upon us here in Australia, which can only mean one thing - Winter sports! If you’re wondering what the best apps on the market are, here are the must-have Australian apps for this winter:


Tips For Snowboard Race Day Success

15 March 2016 12:09:43 pm AEDT

To make sure that everything goes your way on race day and improve your chances of winning, let’s take a look at 5 top tips for snowboard race day success.


That's It For Summer Jumping!

12 October 2015 3:49:49 pm AEDT

That's it for summer jumping!! Time to ride on outta here and get ready for snow!! #winteriscoming


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