The must-have Australian apps for winter sports

Snow season is nearly upon us here in Australia, which can only mean one thing - Winter sports!

They are so much better when you can plan ahead properly, and in 2016, planning has never been easier thanks to apps that ensure you always bring your A-game to the slopes.

It still doesn’t seem all that long ago when we had to rely on the radio or the television to keep us up-to-date with the weather, but these days, apps can give you to-the-minute weather notifications - as well as a whole heap of extra stuff that adds to the feverish enjoyment of your favourite winter sports.

If you’re wondering what the best apps on the market are, here are the must-have Australian apps for this winter:


Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks was developed by Core Coders who describe their product as "the premier snowboarding and skiing application onAustralian Apps For Winter Sports both your Android and iOS phones.”

Big words - but totally justified!

This app is indeed the most downloaded of all the apps for winter sports on the planet. It costs just $1.49, requires zero data, is battery efficient, and allows for around twenty hours of track recording.

It also comes complete with in-depth graphs and stats, map tools, as well as a battery monitor so that you’re never caught short.

All metrics are easily logged, condensed and organised for improved efficiency, post-ski analysis and performance. Track your tracks on the slopes this winter!



Perisher has an app designed to accompany your visit to the Perisher Resort in New South Wales. The resort is actually theAustralian Apps For Winter Sports biggest in the whole of the southern hemisphere, which is why an app to help you cover your tracks here makes a lot of sense.

The Perisher app is available on both Android and iOS, and allows you to check which runs are open and which are closed. It uses GPS to let you know where you are exactly on the map, and where you need to go. It also includes all necessary info about the snow conditions, the weather and the mountain itself.

You can record your runs, log your distance, as well as check how your friends are doing.

You can also very easily and quickly upload your images to social media and show the world how much fun you’re having. 



One of Victoria's premier alpice resorts is Mount Hotham. The guys here have got with theAustralian Apps For Winter Sports 2016 program and developed and released their very own app, which is also available on both Android and iOS, so no-one misses out.

Hotham provides you with the latest, most up-to-date reports on the best times to run, the runs which are open or closed, as well as conditions, the weather, and lift status info.

The app relies on GPS to track your runs, record vertical distance, before showcasing them on your trail map.

Hotham ensures accountability too, by allowing you to share everything with your friends on social media. This means you get to compare how your performance matches up to your buddy’s performance. A little bit of healthy competition!

This app also comes with lessons and an events directory.


Mount Buller

Yet another fab alpine resort in Victoria, Mount Buller is truly one of Australia’s most captivating destinations for winter sports.Australian Apps For Winter Sports

It also has an app ready for winter, which looks exactly like the Hotham app. It’s not surprising when you consider they were both developed by the same team (Resorts Tapped LLC). And again, is available on both Android and iOS phones.

So what you get is similar - simple, user-friendly interface, as well as all the useful features, such as updates on snow conditions, the weather, the status of the lifts, plus all the numerous and brilliant tracking functions.

Snow season 2016 will be like no other with all of these fantastic high-tech additions. Download your favourite today for an improved performance, and notice the difference!


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