Over here in XTM land we are super excited to have put the finishing touches on a brand new interview series which we will start sharing with you this Sunday night, all the way up to and during the Olympics.

XTM bossman Pete Forras has been hustling up our elite winter athletes, locking them in small rooms, and coercing some of their best stories out of them with the promise of gloves, gear, Woolzies and of course, the undying love of the XTM team.

Naturally, the guys and girls have been more than happy to oblige.

So from this Sunday night, you can hear from the athletes themselves – their drive, their passion for what they do, and all the things that make them all rockstars in our eyes.  

During the Games, our own Al Dower will be on the ground in Pyeongchang, waving the Aussie flag for the XTM crew, chasing down the latest updates on our athletes and of course, sending it straight back to you.

Super excited to watch our guys and girls show the world what they can do in Korea in a few weeks - events are scheduled in or around prime time in Australia and we will definitely be glued to our screens.

First out the gates… Belle Brockhoff: To be The Best

See you Sunday!

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