Ivanka Trump Ski XTM

US President Donald Trump passionately promoted the launch of his daughter Ivanka Trump’s new American skiwear collection TRUMPSki, and claims that it will be the peak of her success. 

“My beautiful daughters ski wear collection will be the best ski wear collection in the world, believe me, there will be nothing better” President Trump exclaimed at his latest presidential rally in Aspen Colorado.

When questioned by CNN reporter April Ryan on whether he should be spending his time more productively rather than promoting his daughter’s brand, the President quickly went on the defensive “Wrong, this is a great thing for the people of America. We are creating jobs, lots of jobs, full time jobs. Unlike these hard leaning left brands who focus heavily on their social responsibilities and environmentally friendly policies and renewable materials, TRUMPSki will be mainly made from precious raw materials like processed coal and oil. These other brands are so caught up on being eco friendly they are reducing the number of jobs for ordinary hard working Americans”.   

The President was a bit more positive when asked by John Roberts, Fox News correspondent for the White House, why he thinks the TRUMP brand has decided to get involved in the ski clothing industry, the president replied “It’s simple John, to protect our people” The president then went on to explain that the snow wear should be thought of as a wall that will keep the bad weather out. “You know there’s some bad weather out there, very bad, terrible weather that is making Americans very cold. Ivanka’s new collection is a wall that keeps our people safe from this bad, terrible weather. These other ski brands just don’t do that.”

TRUMPSki was looking to enforce a 10% levy on any snowboarders wishing to purchase their products however a federal judge in Hawaii ruled this would be highly unconstitutional. “Ivanka is extremely disappointed by the ruling of the so called judge and is prepared to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court”.   

Whitehouse press secretary Sean Spicer also laughed away comments that the name TRUMPSki was somehow related to the Presidents links to Russia. “The president has no business in Russia, yes it’s cold and we could sell lots of skiwear there but he, nor, any of our team have been in contact with the Russians”.

 Make Skiing Great Again XTM

All material in this article may be based on alternative facts. 

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