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Scotty gets his gloves on the Bronze

15 February 2018 1:07:02 pm AEDT

Keep those gloves up, Scotty!

Gloves up Scotty James

Australia’s second medal for the Games was claimed by Scotty James taking out bronze in the men’s snowboard halfpipe. 

Scotty put down his medal-winning run first, with a score of 92.00. American Shaun White won gold with a massive final run scoring 97.75, followed by Japan’s Ayumu Hirano with 95.25. Aussie Kent Callister also competed in yesterday's final, finishing in 11th place.

Halfpipe medal ceremony

Images: Steve Cuff


XTM’s own Al Dower will be on the ground in Pyeongchang for the Games, cheering on  the team and sending back all the news as it happens.

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