Everything you need to know about one of the most popular events at the Games - Alpine Skiing.

Just to confuse the unaquainted, Alpine is not a specific event but a discipline covering off 11 different competitions.

Here is what you need to know:

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The discipline of Alpine skiing is actually made up of a number of different events, including:

Slalom -  Slalom involves the skier zig zagging across the piste to get to their marked gates which can be anywhere from 75 cm to 13 metres apart. The number of gates varies between 55 to 70 for men and 45 to 60 for women depending on the vertical drop of the course. Slalom athletes compete in two rounds, with the fastest 30 athletes from the first run starting in reverse order in the second round.

Giant Slalom -  As the name suggests, skiers must zig zag around gates at high speeds in GS, with the distance between gates at 10 metres or more, allowing for higher speeds when compared to slalom. Again Giant Slalom athletes compete in two rounds, with the fastest 30 athletes from the first run starting in reverse order in the second round.

Super-G -  Super-G is a form of slalom skiing, however is more like downhill than Slalom or Giant Slalom. With only one run, athletes must speed down the course making long turns around the gates, which requires a huge amount of strength and skill, let alone nerves of steel. Super-G compared to Giant Slalom is steeper and the distance between gates extends to a minimum of 25 metres. With only one run it really is a make or break event, making for some pretty spectacular viewing.

Downhill -  Perhaps the most well-known event in the Winter Olympics, expect thrilling high speeds and unfortunately a few spills in this event. Skiers speed down courses with gradients between 15 and 30 degrees at speeds of up to 140km/h whilst passing through gates on the route down. Downhill gives skiers one opportunity to post the fastest run with any missed gates added onto their time as a penalty. This event takes pure focus, strength and a great deal of stamina, don’t forget your balls of steel either.

Alpine Combined -  Alpine combined is a two-race event, a downhill and a slalom race. After completing each race the times are added together to give an overall ranking from the two events.

Nation Team Event -  This event is more of a tournament between teams of 4 skiers from each nation, the races are head to heads with skiers racing against their counterparts against the clock with the fastest team being crowned the winners of each round. The winning team will then go on to compete against another winner until the elimination concludes in the final.

...And the most fun fact about Alpine - check out this legend.

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