Moguls Skiier Matt Graham is one of our hopes for a top place at the Games. Ready to go in Pyeongchang for the Men’s qualifier tomorrow in temperatures that are maxxing out a few degrees above freezing, Matt will be working the conditions in his favour.

The frigid conditions will make for big, firm bumps on the course, which adds a degree of technicality to the run, but that doesn’t phase Matt who says the team’s training and prep planned for the cold and the team are at the top of their fields.

Luckily Matt caught up with Pete before leaving for Pyeongchang so he will be no doubt be sporting his XTM Woolzy in South Korea!

Since he donned his first pair of Fables in 2008, they have always been his pick.

"For me, the softness and the comfort of the Fable that really works for moguls."

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Skiing since he was 7, Matt knew from pretty early that Moguls was his thing.

“I loved how spontaneous and fast-paced the sport is and how you just get everything. It’s just kind of every part of skiing kind of jammed into one little 25 second run.”

Jumping and going fast were the drawcard, but Matt’s love for the technical side of his sport has also been a big factor in his success and it will serve him well in South Korea.

The Moguls bug hit Matt hard and fast at the ripe old age of 8. In fact the way he recalls it, he woke up one day and that was it.  

“I remember just waking up…  And mum was like, “Alright Matt, we have to go to sailing. And I was just like… kind of half dazed and I just said “Oh, I just want to be the best skier in the world.”

A big turning point for Matt was watching the 2006 Winter Olympics with Dale Begg-Smith bringing home the gold for Australia. Watching a fellow Aussie do that paved the path for Matt and a lot of his team mates to follow in his footsteps.

Selected to the New South Wales Institute of Sport at 12 years of age, Matt was skiing and training with guys 5 to 10 years older than him from early on, which kept him driving forward.

His world cup rookie year just before the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and managed to finish 27th in day 2 of the competition; which met the individual qualification for the games. At just 15 years of age all of a sudden, he was backup man for the team. In the end it wasn’t to be but 4 years later Matt was securely on the team for Sochi, something he remembers as a privilege and a highlight.

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With 2 World Cup victories under his belt – whatever he is doing it working.

“… Getting those two victories in the last two seasons have been pretty special. You know, my first one was… I wouldn't say it was unexpected, but its something I’d never forget.

My second victory this past season in Calgary in January 2017, that was special; not only for myself but for Britt Cox, we won at the same event. And it was pretty special to, stand on the top step with Britt, after training together since we were 13 years old. “

The team mates are live like brothers and sisters, training throughout the year. With his training buddy now the top dog in her field, Matt is keen to bring home the double again.

“Now I'm kind of looking at her like, “Alright. Well, if she can do it I can do it. So I'm just trying to knuckle down and hopefully chase her down.”

Not that long ago people would not have thought that it was possible for an Australian bred mogul skier to be dominating the world scene.

But now it's possible and if Matt has his way, it's only a matter of time before it happens in the Men's.

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