Britt Cox is having one heck of a season and its no accident. This girl has got the determination and straight up love for her sport that makes a champion.

Having just come off the podium of the Super Final at the first World Cup event of the year in Calgary, Britt got together with Pete at ‘Studio XTM’ for a chat about how she got on snow, what changed (or didn’t change) for her this season, and how she has thrived through challenges to come out on top.

A long way from the kid who chased her brother around the mountain and even the 2010 Games in Vancouver where she turned up as the youngest athlete competing at those Games at 15 years old, Cox has fire in her belly and an outstanding season behind her. Yet its her genuine buzz for what she does that really gets your attention.

As she gears up for South Korea, she is being called out as one of Australia’s best prospects to bring home the gold.
2017/18 saw Cox take out seven World Cup victories and a World Championship title, which you may think could make an athlete lose their cool under pressure.

Not Britt – she squashes comments like this, saying ‘where else would I want to be’ than at the top.

Britt has been rocking XTM gear for more than a decade. She’s worked hard and its her time, and we are loving watching her killing it over and over again. Her glove choice is the white Platinum Glove – Britt says they are ‘great for moguls, slim lined, super comfy and extra warm’.

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Watch the full interview here.

XTM’s own Al Dower will be on the ground in Pyeongchang for the Games, cheering on Britt and the team and sending back all the news as it happens. Subscribe to our news for all the latest updates and interviews.

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