The list of Australia's full 2018 Olympic team for Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games is out. 51 elite Aussie athletes are set to dominate on the ice and snow in South Korea when the Games start from February 9.

The team is being called out as the 'best credentialed team we have sent to any Winter Games', with 54 World Cup medals, 5 World Champs podiums in the last 18 months alone.

Australian Winter Olympic team for PyeongChang2018

Competing across alpine skiing, bobsleigh, cross country skiing, figure sktating, luge, short track speed skating, skeleton, snowboard and speed skating, the full list of athletes selected to the Australian team for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games are:

  • Greta Small - alpine skiing (super-G, super combined, downhill, giant slalom, slalom)
  • Dominic Demschar - alpine skiing (giant slalom, slalom)
  • Lachlan James Reidy - bobsleigh (4-man)
  • Hayden Thomas Smith - bobsleigh (4-man)
  • David Mari - bobsleigh (4-man, 2-man)
  • Lucas Mata - bobsleigh (4-man, 2-man)
  • Barbara Jezersek - cross-country skiing (15km skiathlon, 10km freestyle, team sprint, 30km classic)
  • Callum Watson - cross-country skiing (15km skiathlon, classic sprint, 10km freestyle, team sprint, 30km classic)
  • Phillip Bellingham - cross-country skiing (classic sprint, 15km freestyle, team sprint, 30km classic)
  • Jessica Yeaton - cross-country skiing (30km skiathlon, classic sprint, 15km freestyle, team sprint)
  • Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya - figure skating (pair)
  • Harley Windsor - figure skating (pair)
  • Kailani Craine - figure skating (women's)
  • Brendan James Kerry - figure skating (men's)
  • Laura Peel - freestyle skiing (aerials)
  • Danielle Scott - freestyle skiing (aerials)
  • Samantha Wells - freestyle skiing (aerials)
  • Lydia Lassila - freestyle skiing (aerials)
  • David Morris - freestyle skiing (aerials)
  • Matt Graham - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Madii Himbury - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Jakara Anthony - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Britt Cox - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Claudia Gueli - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Brodie Summers - freestyle skiing (mogul)
  • Sami Kennedy-Sim - freestyle skiing (ski cross)
  • Russell Henshaw - freestyle skiing (slopestyle)
  • Alexander Ferlazzo - luge
  • Deanna Lockett - short track skating (1000m, 1500m)
  • Andy Jung - short track skating (500m, 1500m)
  • John Farrow - skeleton (men's)
  • Jaclyn Narracott - skeleton (women's)
  • Emily Arthur - snowboard (halfpipe)
  • Holly Crawford - snowboard (halfpipe)
  • Nate Johnstone - snowboard (halfpipe)
  • Scott James - snowboard (halfpipe)
  • Kent Callister - snowboard (halfpipe)
  • Jessica Rich - snowboard (slopestyle/big air)
  • Tess Coady - snowboard (slopestyle/big air)
  • Jarryd Hughes - snowboard (cross)
  • Adam Lambert - snowboard (cross)
  • Alex Pullin - snowboard (cross)
  • Cameron Bolton - snowboard (cross)
  • Belle Brockhoff - snowboard (cross)
  • Daniel Greig - speed skating (500m, 1000m)

UPDATE: extra athletes added due to reallocation

  • Anton Grimus - freestyle skiing (Ski cross)
  • James Matheson - freestyle skiing (Moguls)
  • Harry Laidlaw - alpine skiing (Giant Slalom, Slalom)
  • Aimee Watson - cross country skiing (10km classic, 30km freestyle mass start)
  • Casey Wright - cross country skiing (15km skiathlon, sprint)

*all selected athletes subject to medical

Australian Winter Olympic team for PyeongChang2018

Our interview series continues on Sunday, with two athletes featured each week. Next up Aeriallist Dani Scott.

XTM’s own Al Dower will be on the ground in Pyeongchang for the Games, cheering on Britt and the team and sending back all the news as it happens. Subscribe to our news for all the latest updates and interviews.

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