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Australia's Olympic athletes farewell Pyeongchang

25 February 2018 2:27:00 pm AEDT

Aussie Olympians farewell Pyeongchang
Another Winter Olympics has come and gone and what an emotional rollercoaster it was for us Aussies.

The highlights were 3 Olympic medals and a total of 12 top ten finishes.

3 torn ACL's, a broken collar bone and a dislocated elbow were reminders of how extreme winter sports are. As Lydia would say "If you want a controlled environment take up swimming".  

It kicked off with a crazy night of Ladies Moguls. We had two athletes reach the big final (last 6), the hot favourite Britt Cox and the emerging star Jakara Anthony. Jakara put down a solid run to take fourth, a huge result for her first ever Olympics. Britt unfortunately with the weight of Australia on her shoulders had a heavy landing on the top jump and paid dearly for it finishing in 5th. Up next was the men, Brodie Summer unfortunately re tore his ACL in training and was ruled out for the event but team mate Matt Graham was ready to fly the flag for the Aussies. Racing well all day Matty kept his best run for finals and locked in the first medal taking Silver.  Image credit: Steve Cuff   
Matt Graham wins silver in Men's Moguls
Mens Halfpipe
Scotty James donned his custom made Red XTM boxing gloves and was ready to put on a show. He fought hard and went huge off the halfpipe to take his first ever Olympic medal. At just 23 I think we will be seeing Scotty on the big stage again and even hungrier for gold. Special mention is Kent Callister who pushed hard get a top ten finish in a very competitive field. Image credit: XTM

Scotty James flies the flag for Australia, taking home bronze

Mens Boarder Cross
With probably the strongest team of all, the SBX crew were pumped and came screaming out of the gates. The guys raced amazing all day. We had three Aussies make it to the semi finals last 12 (Cam Bolton, Alex Pullin and Jarryd Hughes). Image credit: Steve Cuff

Three Aussies make the final in Boarder Cross
As luck would have it all three were drawn in the same heat which left zero room for error. Pullin and Hughes grabbed the first two final spots with Cam unfortunately falling and dislocating his elbow. Determined to get a top 10 finish he refused to get medical treatment, drank a cup of cement, put some tape around his elbow while physically getting sick and went for one more run. His true Australian determination paid off as he claimed that 10th spot. On to the big final and it was Chumpy and Jarryd's turn. They both went huge of the mid kicker when battling for space. Chumpy went down hard but Jarryd managed to hold on and take the Silver.

Other results to note were:

  • Belle Brockhoff - SBX - 10th
  • Sami Kennedy Sim - SKI-X - 8th
  • Emily Arthur - Halfpipe - 11th

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