With the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, Korea, now less than a year away, we take a look at Australia’s massive hope in the mogul skiing competition. Britt Cox, a 23-year-old skier who is dominating her field. She’s just won the World Championships. But what’s her story?

In many ways, it was written in the stars that Britt Cox would become a skier of some sort. She grew up in Falls Creek, the famous Victorian Alpine Resort with her family, who were already keen skiers. Although they hadn’t got any gold medals, their passion for the winter sport rubbed off on Britt.

Cox didn’t want to be an ordinary skier though - she wanted to be a mogul skier, the kind who hurl themselves along fields with lumps and bumps that would terrify the rest of us.


World Cups 2012 & 2013

Britt Cox was just fifteen-years-old when she first represented Australia at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. She came twenty-third, and already people were excited by what the precocious teenager could achieve. But it was really the 2012 and 2013 World Cups in the USA where Britt would announce her arrival on the world stage.

World Cup medals are handed out according to how many points a competitor has amassed throughout a calendar year. In February, at Deer Valley, USA, Britt scooped a mogul skiing World Cup medal, becoming the first Australian woman to do so. She followed it up a year later in Lake Placid, this time winning bronze.


Sochi 2014

Fast-forward to Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, and expectations were being kept in check. She was still only nineteen, and Sochi was her second Winter Olympics. Still, she went into Sochi on the back of winning a pair of World Cup medals so anticipation was rising. However, few involved in the game were expecting fireworks from her on the biggest stage of all. 

Her mogul skiing event took place on the first night of the Games. Britt came fifth, with an errant landing for her final jump costing her a place in the top three. Had she landed a medal, the fearless starlet would have bagged Australia’s first at Sochi.

Cox admitted that it was a huge step forward for her. “I am happy because I pushed the limits, and personally that’s a big step and a big hurdle for me.”


Winning The World Championships In Spain, 2017

If Cox announced herself in Deer Valley, USA, and came of age in Sochi, it was in Sierra Nevada, Spain where she became a superstar.

In 2017, she at last made good on all her potential and promise. Aged twenty-two, she won the World Championships beneath a searing sun, scoring 1000.00 FIS points.

Cox says the setting and atmosphere reminded her of Australia. “It was so unbelievably warm, it felt like skiing back in Australia. I had so much fun today, you couldn’t ask for better weather for the final event of the season.”

It wasn’t a fluke either. This had been coming for a while. In February 2017, Cox had already won the World Cup, having taken 7 out of the eleven events she had been involved in.



Dual Moguls

Britt Cox has consistently scored highly in mogul competitions. She also takes part in dual-mogul competitions. Her scores in this discipline have not always been quite as impressive, but still an amazing effort. She came fifteenth in the 2015 World Cup in Finland. Furthermore, she came first in the World Cup 2017 in China. What a little legend!


Work Ethic

Britt is known for her work ethic and determination to succeed. She’s a born competitor, who is motivated by the thought that she could become one of the best mogul skiers in the world.

Heck, she already is. After coming fifth in Sochi on the back of a poor landing, it’s safe to say that expectations of what she could go onto achieve were high. So far, 2017 has been her year. Now, Australia really is expecting fireworks from her at Pyeongchang in 2018.

But how did she up her game, as though overnight?

“A lot of people have been asking me what clicked this season, and it was more a matter of all the training I have done over a number of years finally paying off for me.”

Cox has easily been one of Australia’s most successful athletes in 2017. We can’t wait for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Let the countdown begin!

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