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Reach Your Peak

REACH YOUR PEAK  Adventure Grant



Want an XTM boost to your adventure budget PLUS a full kit of XTM gear? Send us your Reach Your Peak Adventure Plan - we want to hear about all your adventures, whether your plans are for winter or summer, northern or southern hemisphere!

Create your Reach Your Peak Adventure Plan

Your plan should include dates, locations, itineraries, who you will be travelling with, images, videos - as much detail as you can to get us stoked on your plans. If you are interested in applying but unsure where to start, feel free to shoot us an email on reachyourpeak@xtm.com.au and we will be more than happy to help.

How it works

XTM Reach Your Peak grant call outs happen twice a year. Applications open 1 July 2018 and close 30 September 2018, with dates for the next application period to be released later in coming months.

The XTM Reach Your Peak Project team will then go through all the application for that season and pick one adventure to get behind with some great prizes.

$2,000.00 cash plus an additional $2,000.00 worth of XTM Performance gear

Reach Your Peak grants will be awarded twice each year. Once the submission call out period closes, the XTM crew will give a shout out to the winners by email. We will also post updated on our social channels: the XTM Blog, Facebook and Instagram. The grant is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

We have plenty of love for our adventurer friends all around the world - share your pics on our hashtag #XTMAdventure to be featured on XTM's channels. In addition to this awesome grant, we will be sending Reach Your Peak prize packs to shortlisted entries and our international explorer friends throughout the year on the XTM Performance Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hear the stories of recent XTM Reach Your Peak Adventurers