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Harley Windsor and Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya a pair of bright, young figure-skating stars are set to explode onto the 2018 Winter Olympics arena. They have gained world-wide attention with their rapid rise through the figure skating ranks. Becoming the Junior World Pair Skating champions for 2017, and the 2017 Australian National champions in little more than one year.


Australia's Best Ever Medal Winning Season!

3 April 2017 11:06:57 AM AEST

Australia's skiers and snowboarders have just wrapped up their most succesful season ever! In the season finale Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin claimed his third World Cup podium for the season, taking Australia's total to 35 World Cup medals and 5 World Championships medals for the 2016 - 2017 season. 


US President Donald Trump passionately promoted the launch of his daughter Ivanka Trump’s new American skiwear collection TRUMPSki, and claims that it will be the peak of her success. 


Buying The Perfect Snow Jacket

10 February 2017 10:35:27 AM AEDT

Are you stumped on how to go about buying the perfect snow jacket? A snow jacket might be the most important item of clothing you buy for a snow trip. Which means knowing what to look for before purchasing is crucial. 


The Largest Ski Resorts In The World

16 January 2017 10:42:41 AM AEDT

Curious to know what the 10 largest ski resorts in the world are? Size certainly doesn’t always matter, but when it comes to ski resorts the general consensus is that the bigger it is - the better it is.


The Foods That Will Fuel Your Snow Trip Best

23 December 2016 11:26:01 AM AEDT

Are you contemplating which foods will fuel your snow trip best? If this is you, you will find you have some great choices when determining meals and snacks for your trip. Take a look:


Dale Begg-Smith Athlete Profile

12 November 2016 11:20:21 AM AEDT

Begg-Smith is Australia’s most successful and most interesting winter athlete of all time. Growing up in Canada Begg-Smith competed for the Canadian national team. After being told by his coaches that he was spending too much time on his Business (computer software), Begg-Smith quit the team and moved to Australia. Then...


The Must Do’s In Niseko, Japan

11 October 2016 3:48:43 PM AEDT

If you’re planning a trip to Niseko but aren’t too sure what to expect, here are the top 4 must do’s in Niseko, Japan. Now, let’s get you schooled!


How To Prevent Frostbite In The Alps

15 September 2016 2:49:08 PM AEST

In order to prevent frostbite in the Alps, a person must work to avoid exposure to cold temperature for prolonged periods of time. Here are some of the best ways to prevent frostbite:


The Highest Ski Resorts In The World

16 August 2016 9:28:49 AM AEST

If you are looking for a new challenge in your skiing, you will want to know where the 10 highest ski resorts in the world are and plan your bucket list to check out each and every one of them.


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